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ARU Diagnostic Tool

The Active Ride diagnostic tool is designed to integrate with the Active Ride Control Unit (ARU) and is essential when diagnosing problems.


The ARU Diagnostic tool is designed to be simple to use and display the relevant information clearly and concisely. For more information please click the PDF link for the manual or flyer at the bottom of the page.


Using the ARU diagnostic tool you can:

Set the dampers to their different modes, Normal, Comfort, Sport.


Run the Diagnostic tool in AUTO mode, in this mode the unit displays the approximate speed of the car and as you drive the LCD display and LEDs indicate the different suspension modes as the unit changes with the driving conditions and speed.


Display fault codes, in full English sentences, not just mystical fault codes but full description of the faults.


Clear the fault codes in the ARU.


Calibrate the ARU whilst in situ, zeroing the different accelerometers to give the optimum parameters for the ARU to function.


Perform Static Damper Test, Speed signal check, Steering rotary encoder check, Brake signal check and Cornering checks


Vehicle list  

Models Pre 1998.

Turbo R / Mulsanne and Spirit / Spur.

Rolls Ryce Silver Spirit and Spur, Corniche and Camargue.

Benley Mulsanne, Eight and Brooklands.

Mulsannne Turbo, Turbo, Turbo R, RL and RT.

Azure, Continental, Continental R, SC And T (up to 2003).




Diagnostic Tool Flyer

Diagnostic Tool Manual