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Seat ECUs


CD6509 Brown Seat ECU


CD6674 Grey Seat ECU


The seat ECU micro board



Seat ECU repair and test.




We offer a full repair and test facility on CD6509 and CD6674 Seat ECUs.

Most seat ECUs become faulty from the backup battery leaking corrosive acid onto the PCB board and eating the copper tracks away..


We remove all damaged tracks and rebuild them, then replace all components in the effected area if we suspect a component has been effected by the corrosion we just change it, we dont take chances we want our repairs to last and be reliable.



Once rebuilt the seat ECUs are thoroughly tested on a complete seat rig. 

We test all seat movment,

All seat and mirror memory positions.

All mirror movments.

All axis feedback circuits.

All safty signals such as out of park signal.

Engineers setup procedure.



Our engineering team take great pride in there work and all tracks are rebuilt precisly by experianced technicians