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ECU's for Sale


Description Part number Quantity in stock Cost per unit
Arnage Alarm and key fob PM26780PE 1 £425.00
Seat Ecu (Brown) CD6509 2 £320.00
Speedo Transducer UD24231 2 £195.00
Cruise Control Ecu UD26641 1 £295.00



ECU Sales

As a company our main aim is to offer a full repair service for all Electronic Control Units associated Rolls Royce and Bentley Vehicles.


But from time to time we manage to buy ECU’s from some of our customers.


When this happens we advertise them for Sale on this page we do not keep an actual stock of ECU’s. What we sell is just what we happen to come across, and when the ECU’s have gone they have gone.


These ECU’s have been used before but have been overhauled and undergo a rigorous testing procedure and come with a 12 Month warranty.


For all the ECU’s listed we do offer a repair service which is considerable cheaper and we do prefer repairing your ECU’s.


We do also offer service exchange if you have an ECU to exchange but we assume your ECU is faulty, again you will notice it is still cheaper to get your ECU repaired. This is because some ECU’s just can not be repaired and this has to be taken into account when exchanging the ECU.